Abby Anne Miller – Smoke

Labels:Sidewalk Dreams
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:18
From the Album:Smoke
Available Date & Time: Jun 30 2020 11:25:00 EDT
Impact Date: Jun 30 2020 00:00:00

Abby Anne Miller

June 30th, 2020

Format: Country

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Sidewalk Dreams is a USA owned and operated independent label led by small market Country Music DJ turned Nashville songwriter/publisher/artist manager Monte Willis. "First and foremost, I love great music; my favorite part of the week was when our music director found great gems for us to play, songs that moved people to call the station. "My move to the content creation side of the business oddly began due to a chance meeting on a football field of all places! Shortly thereafter I got a few of my songs recorded and learned the always chaotic music business "process"; it was during this time that I found a lot of songs, writers and artists who were lost for the most arbitrary of reasons, so I became a creative advocate of sorts, and had a great deal of fun with it. Some of the songs I had the honor of being a part of like Love the Way You Love Me and Something Like That would never seen the light of day without someone who really cared about the music taking action. Along the way I ended up finding a few artist gems and giving them a hand as well, the biggest of those beingJason Aldean, and Hall & Oates, along with a few up and coming artists that include SONY's Adam Doleac and Curb Records artist Tim Dugger." Sidewalk Dreams inspiration also came from Benny Brown at Broken Bow Records, and Scott Borchetta at Big Machine Records, without them, we would have all lost out on great music and great revenue. They found artists they believed in and built record label's around those dreams. With that same spirit Sidewalk Dreams, is discovering more great songs and artists that we hope will get your phones lighting up as well. A young lady from Lancaster Ohio, Abby Anne Miller became Sidewalk Dreams first artist not because she was the best singer in Nashville; she is wonderful, but it really came down to her attitude, her work ethic, zero of sense of entitlement, and how people just seem to love her. Abby postponed her full ride scholarship to The Ohio State University in order to pursue her true love music. She quickly went from singing in a coffee shop to headlining local fairs and shows. As local stations found out, she has a huge following. Millions have enjoyed her homemade videos that she posts to her Facebook page, and recently she has been busy performing free quarantine shows for Columbus area radio stations. Abby is available at no charge to your station if you would like her to perform one of her quarantine shows, just call and let us know. Her song Smoke is another lost gem that was written and pitched to us by one of the players on her sessions, something that rarely happens, because in Nashville, you have to "stay in your lane" or you risk not being called for new gigs. The piano player/writer was the long time music director for Faith Hill, Jimmy Nichols.

Monte Willis


Thanks in advance for your kind consideration and support.

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