A is for Arrows – Roses

Labels:Flying Colours
Number of Tracks:1
Total Time:00:03:52
From the Album:Roses
Available Date & Time: Feb 14 2020 14:30:00 EST


Toronto electronic-pop duo A is for Arrows couldn’t be more different from each other, but their bond over music led to the creation of their debut EP, Roses, a highly personal, vulnerable, and self-deprecating collection of songs with a get-back-up resilience, produced by Joel Stouffer (bülow, Dragonette, Ria Mae) .


From the fear and anxiety expressed in “Talking In My Sleep” to the hope of “All The Stars,” self-confidence of “Go Slow” to the loneliness of “Without You,” confusing toxicity of “Every Now and Then” to the maturity of “Roses,” A is for Arrows offers a complicated dive into the feelings of a young man and woman, many shared.


Singer Alessia Balasbas and guitarist Eric Robbs, both multi-instrumentalists, met in 2009, through their parents. Like family now, they have proven that you don’t have to like the same food, movies, wardrobe or have similar personalities to work successfully together. Their early collaborations began with original pop-rock songs, but three years ago moved in a more pop direction.


“The medium of pop music allows you to spread your message to a wide audience,” explains Eric. “It’s inherently easy on the ears.”


“It has such a power in its simplicity,” says Alessia. 

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