Whiskey Myers – Home

Labels: Wiggy Bump
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:30
From the Album: Early Morning Shakes
Formats: Triple A, Americana, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR
Available Date & Time: December 20, 2013 02:00 PM ET
Impact Date: January 20, 2014
Country: USA

The debut single from their new album Early Morning Shakes

"Whiskey Myers delivers, satisfies and gratifies" – The Examiner

"It’s a bluesy collection of the drinking man’s music, full of thumping drums and swaggering guitars, like what you might hear from the Allman Brothers Band if they’d grown up with a serious Led Zeppelin fetish." – Texas Monthly

It’s rock and roll from south of the Mason Dixon Line. It’s bold and in your face rock and roll and best when played loud. So put on and turn it up!

Tour dates:
1-10 Des Moines, IA
1-11 Chicago, IL
1-18 Fort Worth, TX
1-28 New York, NY
1-29 Seattle, WA
1-30 Portland, OR
1-31 Bend, OR
2-1 Springfield, OR
2-4 Hollywood, CA
2-5 San Louis Obispo
2-6 San Diego, CA
2-7 Mesa, AZ
2-8 Flagstaff, AZ
2-9 Tucson, AZ
2-12 St Louis, MO
2-13 Kansas City
2-14 Columbia, MO
3-20 Midland, TX
3-27 Nashville, TN


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