Vinnie Paolizzi – Kids

Labels: Vinnie Paolizzi Music
Number of Tracks: 4
Total Time: 14:30
Formats: Americana, Non-Commercial, NPR
Available Date & Time: February 13, 2018 09:00 AM ET
Impact Date: February 12, 2018
Country: USA

Vinnie Paolizzi is an Americana artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Following the November release of his new EP "Kids" he will be engaging on a promotional spring tour and subsequently releasing a follow up EP called "Grown Ups." Paolizzi’s music has been featured on most of Philadelphia’s major radio stations (104.5, 93.3, 93.7 and 1520) and has been likened stylistically to Jackson Browne, Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams, all of whom he draws influence from.

"Kids" is a soft and peaceful song with beautiful vocal harmonies. The instrumentation mixes folky acoustic guitar chords and light organ tones giving it a dreamy quality and a classic country feel and rhythm. This is a heartfelt track that is wonderfully moving in its simplicity. You can listen to "Kids" on Spotify and all other major music sites.

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