Tuva Finserås – While Our City Sleeps

Labels: Independent / Varrasso PR
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:44
Available Date & Time: May 13, 2018 06:30 PM ET
Impact Date: May 14, 2018
Country: Australia

TUVA FINSERÅS is a singer/songwriter hailing from the snowy Norway, moving to warmer, beautiful Melbourne in early 2015. Tuva creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music, every note composed and arranged by her, all with her slightly off-kilter, intriguingly odd Scandinavian sensibility – a complete, 360-degree musician. Liking to write songs in Bb minor (with animals appearing), there’s no surprise that her brand new single is exactly like that. ‘While Our City Sleeps’ is the feature track of her debut EP, produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Alex The Astronaut, G Flip, Gordi) and coming out in June.

‘While Our City Sleeps’ is a delicate journey, vivid with storytelling imagery and emotional highs and lows. The vocals and words are the key focus, with a stripped back instrumentation and slow pace. Inspired by nature, with elements used to describe and symbolise the narrative. It’s the story of a happy and idyllic relationship suddenly being torn apart. The lyrics ‘Who has poisoned the flowers I gave you?/Who has stolen our city of June?’, indicates the storyteller has been left for someone else. The song is not only about a relationship being torn apart, it’s also about experiencing loneliness.The storyteller is walking the deserted streets at night with no people around, feeling all alone in the world. However, the daylight is never too far away. Whilst everything is feeling dead in the middle part of the song, things are starting to come back to life again, which is reflected in the big, vibrant music sound and change of pace at the end of the piece.

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