Triple Yay!

True to a format with a reverence for things both established and groundbreaking, this year’s Triple A Convention promises to represent the format mightily. Hosted as ever by FMQB, this year’s chillaxing will include performances by nearly 3 dozen artists.

Attendees August 9-12 can get their mojito on, courtyard style at the St. Julien Spa and Resort. (Go big or go home right?) A format that caters to intelligent adults… well, they know their audience and their programmers. (Just remember the altitude, kids. Stay hydrated).

Equal parts class reunion, festival, and symposium, this year’s festivities promise to deliver once again. With appearances from nearly too many artist to mention, triple a-ers will have lots to chew on post-panel, including Spoon, Justin Townes Earl, LP, The Lone Bellow, The Band of Heathens, Portugal.the.Man. and dozens more. Good luck trying to pinpoint this convention…and format… after all these years.

This August also provides the opportunity for an audience with a Mt. Rushmore figure in format: David Dye (yes, that David Dye). Fresh from passing the mic to Talia Schlanger this past spring, Dye comes to Boulder armed with 25 years of reflection on hosting the legendary World Cafe.

Having begun his broadcasting career in Philly, at WMMR, Dye built a following early on as a tastemaker with a distinctly laid back presentation. Following a five-year stint in Maine, Dye was welcomed back to Philly at WHYY, and then WIOQ. Come ‘89, everything changed, when Dye landed at WXPN, hosting “Sleepy Hollow.” Called upon to explore whether or not a new musical format had legs, Dye was charged with spearheading the creation of a diverse, intelligent destination for radio listeners. And thus, the celebration of musical expression World Cafe was born. The now legendary and nationally acclaimed show reaches audience across over 250 public radio stations across the states.

So between the always informative panels, and the delightful drinks-served music meetings, programmers from across the US will have an audience with the likeminded Dye, sharing pearls. With such a vivid convention, lush with performances and panels, it’s hard to think of Triple A as the underdog it’s sometimes perceived to be.  (it wasn’t until 2008 that Billboard began their Triple A chart). Boulder will once again provide the space for the music nerd herd to reflect, perfect, and rejoice in their diverse programming.

And hey, when you’re at The Fox, or in the courtyard, make sure you say “Hi” to Laurie Gail, Play MPE’s VP of Label and Radio Relations!

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