Triple A Weekly Top 20 Streams

  • TRIPLE A TOP 20 – STREAM (AUGUST 10TH, 2018)
    1. Play MPE® The WheelWalkers – Can’t Fake It

    (AC, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR)

    2. Play MPE® Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Cumberland Gap

    (Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Thirty Tigers / Southeastern Records 
    3. Play MPE® Brett Dennen – Here’s Looking At You Kid

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Downtown Records 
    4. Play MPE® Punch Brothers – Jumbo

    (Non-Commercial, AAA, Americana)

    Nonesuch Records 
    5. Play MPE® Firefall – Nature’s Way

    (AAA, Classic Hits, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Classic Rock, Adult Hits, NPR)

    Sunset Boulevard Records 
    6. Play MPE® Milo Greene – Move

    (Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Nettwerk Records 
    7. Play MPE® Tall Heights – The Deep End

    (Triple A, Alternative, AAA)

    Sony Music Masterworks 
    8. Play MPE® Will Hoge – Gilded Walls

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, Americana, NPR)

    Thirty Tigers / Edlo 
    9. Play MPE® Kirby Brown – Gimme A Week

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, Americana, NPR)

    Soundly Music 
    10. Play MPE® The Revivalists – All My Friends

    (AAA, Americana, College, Triple A, Alternative, Non-Commercial, NPR)

    Loma Vista / Concord Music 
    11. Play MPE® Moon Taxi – Good As Gold

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, College, AAA, NPR)

    RCA Records 
    12. Play MPE® Lisa Lambe – Beautiful Thing

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, Americana, NPR)

    Blue Élan Records 
    13. Play MPE® Jade Bird – Uh Huh

    (Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR)

    Glassnote Records 

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Purple Virgo 
    15. Play MPE® Freya Ridings – Lost Without You

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Good Soldier / AWAL Recordings 
    16. Play MPE® The Mother Hips – It’ll Be Gone

    (Triple A, AAA, Americana)

    Blue Rose Music 
    17. Play MPE® Joe Bonamassa – Redemption

    (AAA, Classic Hits, Active Rock, Non-Commercial, NPR, Mainstream Rock, Classic Rock)

    INgrooves / J&R Adventures 
    18. Play MPE® Spider Bags – Oxcart Blues

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, Specialty, NPR)

    Merge Records 
    19. Play MPE® Hope Waidley – Closure

    (Triple A, Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Federation Music Group 
    20. Play MPE® Los Lobos – The Fear

    (Non-Commercial, AAA, NPR)

    Aural Apothecary / Monotone 

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