The Fruits Of Labor: The Orchard & Play MPE

The Orchard & Play MPEPlay MPE is pleased to announce our partnership with The Orchard.  Like two peas in a pod… or… oranges in a grove, Play MPE and The Orchard form a natural allegiance second to none when it comes to one-stop-shopping digital distribution needs. Founded in 1997 in New York’s Lower East Side by Richard Gottehrer and Scott Cohen, The Orchard is a pioneering music, film and video distribution company operating in more than 25 global markets. With an adorably mom and pop presentation, The Orchard and their uber user-friendly dashboard bring a holistic approach to streamlining content to the industry’s biggest players/platforms, including:  iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Vevo,, rdio, and oodles of others.

Diana Wollach, Director, Corporate & Product Marketing at The Orchard, had this to say about the partnership. “Play MPE® offers a premium promotional service for delivering music securely to targeted influencers and we are excited to work with Destiny Media to bring this service to our clients,” said “We’re always looking for partnerships that will add value to our label clients’ business, and we’re confident Play MPE® will help us accomplish exactly this.“

And on our end, Destiny’s CEO is also pleased as punch. “We are happy to partner with The Orchard to provide our Play MPE® services to securely distribute their clients’ music to decision makers in radio, press, TV, and film.” said Steve Vestergaard. “We are particularly excited about the opportunity to work with a top music distribution company, thus entering into a new distribution channel for our services.  This partnership with The Orchard further illustrates the value proposition that both record labels and now media distribution companies are finding with our Play MPE® service.”

For nearly 20 years, The Orchard has grown consistently in achieving its goal of empowering businesses and creators in the entertainment industry. From the start, The Orchard’s goal has been to provide independent artists with the ability to sell their music to mainstream audiences.  Within a year of their launch, The Orchard became the first company to supply indie music to CDNOW.  2003 saw The Orchard expand to Europe, setting up shop in London and preparing for the arrival of iTunes, delivering to them the largest catalog of independent music in the world.

As such, The Orchard naturally and quickly become the first independent distributor to hit one million paid downloads and streams.  Growing by the second, the continued success prompted The Orchard to expand their groves to include a Film/TV/Advertising division and further expose clients’ music. As they say: “As your end-to-end digital and physical solution, we’ll get your music to hundreds of retailers — big or niche — in every country around the world.  They even have a handy dandy acronym for their system- and it’s as adorbs as their logo:   V.E.C.T.O.R. (Very Efficient Conduit To Our Retailers). The scope of services encompassed by The Orchard even includes music placement, through their aptly dubbed “Sync Services,” fighting the good fight to get placement in film, TV shows, ads, and games. Bookending that moneymaker is

The Orchard’s Rights Management arm, removing the headaches related to the complex process of publishing approval, licensing, accounting and royalty payouts.  It’s all part of what The Orchard calls their total music solution which allows users to “still have plenty of time to make music and develop artists.”  As their messaging states, “We’re a 21st century distribution company with a global presence and a local feel.”

To see what the busy bees at The Orchard have been harvesting lately, head to

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