Rudely Interrupted – Calculus and Tea

Labels: Independent
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 2:03
Available Date & Time: September 20, 2018 07:00 PM ET
Country: Australia

CALCULUS & TEA by Rudely Interrupted    ‘Calculus & Tea’ Taken from the bands latest mini album ‘Love You Till I Die’ Rudely Interrupted’s smashing NEW single is an ultimate indie earworm.
It’s  very much  a modern day  song of hope and  coming together, but  the song had strange  beginnings. Coming from a  very exploitative experience  when the group was approached  by a start up company. ‘Anything  is Possible’ the chorus isn’t supposed  to be based in reality, Rory Burnside who  was born without eyes, knows well, ‘Anything’  isn’t possible without the right support, we all  need help, some take it from others and some give  it to others, but the truth is, we ALL need help to  achieve success.
  "It’s  our music  that brings  us these incredible  opportunities, "I was  so proud to coach the  Rock Dogs to be a fellow  Rock Dog and to have Kram from  Spiderbait and Ash Naylor come n play  with us at this years Community Cup, wow"  Says Burnside.

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