1. Play MPE® The Record Company – All Of This Life

(AAA, Americana, Sports, College, Active Rock, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Mainstream Rock, Talk, NPR)

Concord Records 
2. Play MPE® Mondo Cozmo – Your Motherfucker EP

(College, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, Triple A)

Republic Records 
3. Play MPE® Paul McCartney – I Don’t Know & Come On To Me

(Americana, Smooth Jazz, Sports, College, Triple A, Non-Commercial, NPR, Adult Hits, Classic Hits, Talk, Classic Rock)

Capitol Records 
4. Play MPE® Paul McCartney – Come On To Me


Capitol Records 
5. Play MPE® Paul McCartney – I Don’t Know


Capitol Records 
6. Play MPE® Matt Massey – You Won’t Find Me

(Alternative, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Matt Massey Music 
7. Play MPE® Aquilo – ii


Harvest Records 
8. Play MPE® The Kooks – Fractured and Dazed

(Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Non-Commercial, NPR)

AWAL Recordings / Lonely Cat 
9. Play MPE® The Wrecks – James Dean


10. Play MPE® The Alarm – Beautiful

(AAA, Specialty, Triple A, Alternative, Non-Commercial, NPR)

Twenty First Century Recording Company / INgrooves 
11. Play MPE® LIVE – Love Lounge

(Alternative, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Kavalry Records 
12. Play MPE® Guns N’ Roses – Shadow Of Your Love

(Alternative, Metal, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Classic Rock)

UMe / Interscope Records 
13. Play MPE® Various Artists – Loma Vista Remixed


Loma Vista / Concord Music 
14. Play MPE® Tommy Shaw with Contemporary Youth Orchestra – Sing For The Day!


Eagle Rock Entertainment 
15. Play MPE® Andrew Reed – If All the World Were Right

(AC, AAA, Americana, CHR Pop, Hot AC, Pop, College, Active Rock, Top 40, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Mainstream Rock, NPR)

Artists International 
16. Play MPE® Boz Scaggs – Radiator 110 / Rock And Stick

(AAA, Americana, Sports, College, Triple A, Non-Commercial, Talk, Classic Rock)

Concord Music 
17. Play MPE® Thirty Seconds To Mars – Rescue Me


Interscope Records 
18. Play MPE® Ivory Blue – Ready Get Set

(Triple A, Alternative, AAA, Mainstream Rock, Active Rock)

Big Machine John Varvatos Records 
19. Play MPE® Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch


Caroline International Germany 
20. Play MPE® Loote – Your Side Of The Bed (Five Track Bundle)


Island Records 

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