Nina Kinert – Chapped Lips, featuring Samuel T Herring

Labels: Ninkina Recordings / V2 Bennelux
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 4:04
From the Album: Romantic
Formats: Alternative, Triple A, College, Pop, CHR Pop, AAA, Top 40, Non-Commercial, NPR
Available Date & Time: May 4, 2018 04:30 AM ET
Impact Date: May 18, 2018
Country: USA

Nina Kinert – Chapped Lips, featuring Sam T Herring (Future Islands) – Release May 4

Chapped Lips is the second single from Nina Kinert’s new album "Romantic" coming out May 11th. This modern old-school ballad features the iconic voice of Sam T Herring of the band Future Islands.

The song is about the physical effect burning love has to your face. More specifically the red and sore lips you get from making out like teenagers. It’s a simple and relatable story of experiencing and looking back at young love.

"It was always written as a duet, but it was hard finding the right singer and voice to fit the story. I wanted the voice to feel experienced, like it "had lived", without belonging to an old man. When I thought of Sam, everything made sense", Nina says.

Nina and her producer Daniel Fagge Fagerström took a chance and sent Sam the song. Two days later he replied: "Really liking the song! Nina’s voice is beautiful. Can we get together and put it to tape tomorrow or Monday?

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