Motel Mirrors (Amy LaVere, Will Sexton & John Paul Keith) – The Man Who Comes Around

Labels: Last Chance Records
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:24
From the Album: In The Meantime
Formats: Americana, Non-Commercial, NPR
Available Date & Time: June 13, 2018 12:00 PM ET
Impact Date: June 13, 2018
Country: USA

There’s an old Jimmie Rodgers song called "Blue Yodel #1 (T for Texas)" – Waylon Jennings did a wonderful version as well. He sings "T for Texas, T for Tennessee" and injects a heap more honky tonk than the original, in keeping with his native Texas musical heritage. One could easily make the jump that the shared musical language of these two states has coalesced in ways that create family from folks who’ve just met. Memphis’ Sun Studios brought together musicians like Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, while Stax was one of the other original integrated musical stables with Booker T & the MGs, Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding.

The songs that put Memphis on the map are now universal, and for their part, Motel Mirrors treat country, melodic folk, soul, swing and other genres as parts of a whole. Singer/bassist Amy LaVere hails from the piney woods of the Texas/Louisiana border, guitarist/singer Will Sexton hails from the hallowed musical streets of Austin, Texas, guitarist/singer John Paul Keith arrived in Memphis years ago from his native Knoxville and drummer Shawn Zorn is a Memphis original. The resulting songs sound like a band who grew up together, and because of their knowledge and influences, its hard to believe they didn’t. Motel Mirrors’ full-length debut LP,In the Meantime, is due on Last Chance Records on March 30th 2018. The album reflects a gently swinging, intimate session, with each principal contributing songs and harmonies for their fellows. Elements of the record bring artists like the Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison to mind, but the incredibly sharp musical performances and their clear love for playing together takes it into a new and original sphere.

In 2013, John Paul Keith & Amy LaVere formed Motel Mirrors – a duet project born out of a mutual desire for new artistic challenges and what might’ve just been a long overdue collaboration between two artists whose styles so clearly complemented one another. JP and Amy put out a 10" EP, Motel Mirrors. It was incredibly well received (named one of the "10 Essential Albums of 2013" by No Depression and selected as one of the best Memphis albums of the year by The Memphis Commercial Appeal) and they had a blast touring together to support it. They added noted Austin, Texas guitarist Will Sexton to the mix and with three songwriters and three singers, the dynamic and the possibilities have changed – what was a duet is now a full band, with Shawn Zorn joining on drums.

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