CMB Momentum 2017Play MPE is once again pleased as punch and as ever to partner up with Christian Music Broadcasters for the always enlightening, engaging, and illuminating Momentum. We’re always so struck by the content of the panels in particular, so we’re thrilled to again be onsite recording them for your Play MPE account so that we might, well… spread the gospel.  Fancy that!

If you are in attendance, however, make sure you say hi to the intrepid Laurie Gail. You’ll have the chance to compare notes on this year’s bevy of thoughtful speakers across all manner of industries, including photographer Jeremy Cowart. Huffington Post, Forbes, and Yahoo recently named Cowart the “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet.”  The entrepreneurial Cowart gained notoriety launching a global photography movement called Help-Portrait. Help Portrait is described as a global movement of photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need.  Like many ideas, this one is both simple and clever: “give people who otherwise couldn’t afford photography, a chance to capture a moment, a memory…’

CMB LogoWhich is all very much in line with Momentum’s vibe, of course.  It is, after all the flagship event of CMB, whose stated goals are in part “to provide ideas which will help the business of Christian media to thrive, to improve competence through education, and to sustain the Christian radio format as an effective tool for communicating the Gospel with the intent of leading as many people as possible to spiritual growth and salvation.”

The only conference devoted solely to Christian music broadcasting, Momentum itself, meanwhile, has since 2009, CMB proudly shares, been “packed with applicable best practices, actionable advice and multiple networking opportunities, representing radio and record industry professionals dedicated to the success of Christian music broadcasting, representing 30+ million weekly listeners.

Tim MilesWith so many thoughtful minds under one roof, ideas are bound to flourish– especially against the backdrop of inspirational talks from folks like Tim Miles. Described as part Dave Barry, part Dave Ramsey, Miles’ blog and Funny Business Podcast have reached audiences across 37 countries, and every continent but Antarctica. The key to Tim’s pearls of wisdom?  One family business owner shared “Tim Miles is the least full of crap guy he’s ever heard talk about marketing, management and motivation.” Sign me up!

“This year marks Christian Music Broadcasters’ 15th anniversary,” CMB Executive Director Michelle Younkman proudly shared. “We’ve been celebrating all year and plan to bring the celebration to our premiere event, Momentum (Sept 6-9 at Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando).  Momentum will be packed with applicable best practices to equip our attendees for excellence in radio. There will be 700+ radio and record industry professionals together under one roof who are dedicated to the success of Christian music radio.  We are thrilled to have speakers such as Daniel Anstandig, Paul Jacobs, and Lori Lewis (plus many more!) invest in the Momentum attendees. Christian radio’s favorite artists will be performing as well, including Matthew West, Matt Maher, Mandisa and more. It’s going to be a great Momentum experience!”

Those stations will indeed have a chance to tackle all that and more, at the house Mickey built in just a few weeks.  For more deets on Momentum, head to

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