LENNI – I Like It

Labels: Luniverse est. 1956
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:33
From the Album: I Like It
Formats: Rhythmic
Available Date & Time: November 7, 2014 09:00 AM ET
Country: USA

Luniverse est. 1956 announces launch of new indie platform for music artists with LENNI and I Like It

Groundbreaking historical Luniverse Records was founded in 1956 by GRAMMY winning indie, Dickie Goodman (inventor of mixing and sampling) who in addition to having 17 Billboard Charted hits, also had a passion for giving other new talent a voice on his record label. Today, his son Jon carries on the cause to get new Indies out there on his record company Website. Anyone familiar with Weird Al Yankovic will remember the zany novelty records that inspired him, such as Dickie Goodman’s 1975 Gold Record Mr. Jaws. Dickie Goodman is certified by Guinness World Records for the most hits in his genre.

Debut artist, LENNI, is giving us the opportunity to bring back a real record label that was presenting new artists even before they coined the term indie. LENNI is a multitalented artist who encompasses not only her unique voice, positive energy and dance ability, but also her artistic visual expression in her debut single and music video, I Like It. So good is this Santa Rosa native that she has inspired a Philly cheese steak record producer to load the home office into his SUV and trek across the desert with a parakeet to hug the Redwoods!

With so many talented artists seeking to make their dreams come true, one might ask why LENNI is so special. She is much more than a talented pretty face. She has dedicated her life to evolving as a person and becoming someone who can use her music platform to inspire. LENNI is in The Recording Academy’s 57th Annual Awards with 4 GRAMMY considerations on the ballot, including Best Dance Song, Best Music Video and Record of the Year with I Like It.

Through the Luniverse est. 1956 campaign, LENNI’s song will be heard, her video will be seen and she will be launched into the world to make it a little brighter for everyone! In addition, Luniverse is fired up all over again; giving a boost to the other 50 indies released since the start of this year (more than major labels) and can continue to support additional new music talent with achieving their dreams! Dickie Goodman Productions’ Luniverse est. 1956 is the only record company ever, to offer 100% royalty to its music artists. LENNI created the sound recording and music video; and Luniverse est. 1956 has taken care of the worldwide publishing and distribution. I Like It (including the single, video & digital booklet) is available for sale everywhere! In an age of unlimited celebrity we just want to give LENNI and others a real go at being seen and heard.

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