Keith Walker: Deeper Than A Beer Bottle

Keith WalkerSpeaking with Keith Walker, it’s easy to discern the clear drive and determination that his paved the way throughout the singer-songwriter’s career. Though born in Louisiana, Keith was raised in Los Angeles, where he introduced his friends to his favorite Merle Haggard and Garth Brooks songs. Music was always a part of the Walker household (with Haggard, Gary Allan, and Garth Brooks heard regularly), and the seeds of Keith’s musical dreams were planted early.

Following high school, Keith and those musical roots were well on their way, as he pursued an opera scholarship by day and spent evenings playing country music in the local clubs. Ultimately, Nashville called to him and Keith went on to study at Middle Tennessee State University. There, he worked and played hard, forming connections that would be the foundation of his burgeoning career, all while continuing to write songs.

Beth Robinson, General Manager at Richey Promotions glows when speaking about those songs and songwriter. “Keith’s matchless honesty and emotion runs throughout his catalog. He is excited about sharing his wholehearted, down-to-earth passion for country music.” Reflecting on the whirlwind that his climb towards success has meant, Keith shared, “It’s been quite amazing actually. I just have an amazing team. Richey promotions they got behind me and they’re my cheerleaders.  They’re waving my flag all over town with the radio stations. It’s just really starting to work. It’s funny where I’m at I wasn’t sure if I was gonna go to a promoter right away but it just really ended up clicking when we met.”

Also clicking?  That little partnership with Play MPE. Mr. Walker took to the internets, Tweeting trumpeting Play MPE’s impact on his rise in the country ranks… and charts. “This probably won’t mean that much to you guys but Play MPE is the service that gets radio the music they play. This week I was #3 right behind Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley. Right in a line with my heroes. Today is a good day!” (Thanks for the shout out, Keith!  And “won’t mean much?”  P’shaw!  Keith’s success embodies the empowerment provided by Play MPE’s reach and usability, if we do say so ourselves.


And speaking of “right in line with my heroes,” Keith also locked in dates playing with Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, and Ken Smith.  “It was nice to be on the same card…That alone was huge for me.”

Keith speaks with equal reverence and exuberance about reaction to “Me Too.” “The response has been tremendous so I’m just really blown away.”

Turns out, this wasn’t originally the plan, until a few little birds prompted him: “It’s funny, I wasn’t actually planning on releasing this single. This was one that kind of snuck up on us as we were listening in the office.  And some people who are just country music fans walked in. It was a family member of my promotions team, ya know – a 3rd party. It’s always nice to get the somebody who’s not really in the industry and they go ‘Oh we love this song, oh yeah, you gotta release that.’ And it was one of those that my wife was asking why we never released it. I’m happy that it shows a little more depth to me as an artist because the first two singles, honestly, were about drinking. So… there’s nothing wrong with a good drinking song. I wanted to show that I’m deeper than a beer bottle.”

Keith WalkerSpeaking about the process overall, Keith reflects, “I’ve been writing my whole life.  And I’ve been blessed to write with some amazing songwriters here in Nashville. I’ve got a coupla guys I really click with. Love sitting down with those guys and stuff. The know my story front and back so it’s easy to sit in a room with them.”

I ask if the inspiration comes in bursts or if he’s steadily prolific. “I would say there are bursts. I’ll spend some time where I’ll put on my hat. Like, summertime this is my show hat. I gotta go up, I gotta play. Then this is my creative hat. Now I’m starting to get back into writing after being on the road a lot. It’s a lot of up and down. Don’t get me wrong – when I’m on the road and I think of something, like deeper than a beer bottle I’ll write that down. I’ll marry up a melody to it later if it’s feeling right.”

Sure seems things are feeling right these days. To hear Keith’s latest gems head to your Play MPE account!


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