Jonny Diaz – Broken People

Labels:Centricity Music
Number of Tracks:3
Total Time:00:07:31
From the Album:Broken People
Formats:Christian,Christian AC,Christian CHR,Christian Hot AC
Available Date & Time: Feb 01 2019 16:00:00 EST
Impact Date: Mar 01 2019 00:00:00

Come with your messes
Come with your hurting
Come with your questions
Your doubting and your searching


In the age of seeing everyone else through our phones, living perfect lives, with perfect kids, while on perpetual beach vacation, what a relief it will be to hear a song about the One who wants all of our messes, all our hurts, and all our doubts…The One who wants and loves the real us.  This song is the kind of tune that, while being up tempo pop, causes a stirring in the listener’s soul where it feels like they quietly exhale “God still loves me, and I’m not my biggest mistake.”


Jonny Diaz, over the last 10 years has had a unique ability to communicate to the target’s heart, His hit “Breathe” is still technically one of the 40 most heard songs on Christian radio 2+ years after it’s release! 

Broken People Goes For adds any day leading up to 3/1/19


Kris Love
Kory Henkel
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