John Waller – Awakening

Labels: Radiate Music
Number of Tracks: 3
Total Time: 6:05
Formats: Christian, Christian CHR, Christian AC, Christian Inspo, Christian Hot AC
Available Date & Time: April 26, 2017 08:00 AM ET
Impact Date: April 28, 2017
Country: USA

This song began in morning drive and listeners demanded "a whole lotta Jesus and a little caffeine" to begin their days. They’re now demanding a refill on the song so we’re unleashing it for current rotation airplay all across the country.

"Awakening" from John Waller is going for adds now!

"Awakening" jumps 19 spots this week on Mediabase Audience from #54 to #35 and 9 spots on Billboard/BDS from #43 to #34.

Heavy rotation at KSBJ in Houston, TX right now and consistent airplay from the following outlets…

Family Life in NY
Pulse FM in South Bend, IN
WNKZ in Milford, DE
WBGL in Champaign, IL
WAKW in Cincinnati, OH
WCVO in Columbus, OH
WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI
WNWC in Madison, WI
WJIE in Louisville, KY
WDJC in Birmingham, AL
WBDX in Chattanooga, TN
KADI in Springfield, MO
KSBJ in Houston, TX
KBNJ in Corpus Christi, TX
SOS Network in Las Vegas, NC
Family Life network
KSGN in Riverside, CA

and many more!

We love the new song "Awakening" by John Waller. I played it for our Morning Show and their eyes lit up. As soon as they played the song for the first time we started receiving phone calls and emails. We have decided to design a cume building strategy around our Morning Show and will be using the song in Promo pieces, imaging, and we plan to create a music video featuring the song and Rachelle and Carder.
-Troy West | KSBJ Houston, TX

It is so good to have John Waller back on Christian radio with this great song that almost every one of our listeners can relate to. Not sure there could be a more perfect song for a morning show on Christian radio. It’s a song that combines two of our listeners greatest loves in the morning…time with Jesus and some caffeine! Easily the most requested song during our morning show.
– Bill Sammons, Morning Show and General Manager at 88.7 The Bridge in Milford, DE

Gimme a good cup of coffee
Gimme a word that rocks me
A whole lotta Jesus and little caffeine
You are my awakening
The world that waits out the front door
Let it wait just a bit more
Cuz I need Jesus and a little caffeine
You are my awakening

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