Iain Archibald Band – Rearview Mirror

Labels: BSE Australia
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:34
Available Date & Time: September 8, 2017 08:30 PM ET
Impact Date: September 9, 2017
Country: USA

Rearview Mirror is the first single off the Iain Archibald Band's self-titled album. 
It's a story about love, a lesson about life, and the inspiration to move forward without letting the past hold you back. 
Co-written with prominent Australian Country Music artist Troy Kemp, this story draws in part from personal experiences of both Iain and Troy.
Rearview Mirror was mixed in Nashville and recorded in Albury NSW. This track is a testament to the band's skill and passion, it was recorded together as a live track giving it all the power and authentic energy you'd expect from one of the Iain Archibald Band's signature shows.
This is a stellar introduction to the Iain Archibald Band's latest album, produced by Simon Johnson (Amber Lawrence, Troy Cassar-Daley), featuring co-writes with Troy Kemp (McAlister Kemp) and Damien Baguley (Viper Creek Band). This album credentials the Iain Archibald Band not only as a great live act but recording artists in their own right.
Rearview Mirror is available for download now: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/iain-archibald-band/id1276100596
YouTube Teaser: https://youtu.be/2UVzERvEQbk
The Iain Archibald Band is available for interviews, for bookings email sales@iainarchibaldband.com

Connect with the Iain Archibald Band
Website: www.iainarchibald.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IainArchibaldBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iainarchibaldband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iainarchibald
About Iain Archibald Band
Archibald is a masculine name, composed of the Germanic elements erchan with an original meaning of "genuine" and bald "bold.”
Without intentionally setting out to live up to the derivation of their name, Iain Archibald Band are exactly that – a band of high energy musically gifted guys that are quintessentially genuine, fun, and most of all bold by pushing the boundaries of genre all in the name of great music and a top night out!
Iain Archibald Band are musically heavier than many of their contemporaries, and have created a signature sound blended from Aussie Rock & Modern US styled Country attracting one of the broadest audiences!
Live, they show themselves as the truly skilled entertainers that they are, with musicianship, intuition and most of all a solid cohesion and wit that makes them a pleasure to see with every show offering something new!
Given this skill, their live show fits well into just about any festival and the band have featured on the bill at many of Australia¹s great festivals including:
Deni Ute Muster 
Whittlesea CMF
Tamworth CMF 
Harvest festival
Co-Headline east coast tour w/ Baylou Koonoomoo BNS
Holbrook BNS (New Years Eve) 
Jerilderie BNS 
Ariah Park BNS
Birchip BNS
Mountain Cattlemen's get together (2017) 
Kingston Rodeo (2017)
Alexandra Truck Show
In one of the longest, busiest, most competitive festivals in Australia, Iain Archibald Band are fully booked for The Tamworth Country Music Festival 2018.
With a busy touring schedule, album release and a few other surprises in store, Iain Archibald Band are the must have band.

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