Greg Hudik – Back In Love With You Again

Labels: Platinum Records Nashville
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 3:15
From the Album: She Loves Kissing Girls
Formats: AC, Active Rock, Triple A, Country, Americana, Mainstream Rock, AAA
Available Date & Time: December 5, 2017 02:30 PM ET
Impact Date: December 6, 2017
Country: USA

Live with This over the Christmas Holidays.

Platinum Records Nashville would like to wish your Family’s and yourself a, Very Merry Christmas.

Impacting for Adds

And I’m so looking forward to seeing You in person at CRS 2018.

Greg Hudik’s New!
Country Rock Single!
‘Back In Love With You Again’
Southern Rock Country Is Finally Back Again
Off the New Hit record,
She loves Kissing Girls.

Platinum Records Nashville is Giving Country Radio and All radio, A Non-Bro Alternative and Alternative radio, an Alternative. Remember Southern Rock? Music Row Has Been Sending Country Radio For The Most Part, Bad 80’s Bro Rock. I have to admit that the Country that Music Row has released has gotten better in the the last 6 months. But we’ve still got a long way to go. I Believe in real Country music. And I Truly Love…. Traditional Country music, Everybody Does. Music Row just quit sending Country to Country radio because they mistakenly thought that they were losing the young record buyer to rap, witch is a different Genre of music. Wrong move bud. We all know as team players that we’re losing our listeners to streaming. That’s why I released Daryle Singletary’s, ‘We’re Not Going To Hell For Have A Hell Of A Time’. Daryle Is One of the Top 5 Greatest Country Singers of All Time and I Don’t Understand!! Why He’s Not as Successful, with His Amazing Country Voice as One of My All Time Favorite Legends George Strait? Who by the way Published 50 of my Copyrights. And that’s why last week I started cutting Hits on the Living Legend Mr. Singletary once again. I Don’t Understand Bro Country? When I go Downtown Nashville, And See 21-Year-Old Record Buyers and Radio Listeners Singing Along and Knowing Every Word to Songs Like, Miami, My Amy. I See It Daily on Broadway Downtown Nashville. Millions and Millions of your Radio Listeners and True Country Fans fly In from All over the World to Nashville because they LOVE to Hear Real Traditional Country Music. And we Play It 24/7 Down on Broadway Nashville TN. And I Don’t Understand Why, Music Row keeps sending Radio Bad 80’s Bro Rock.

When Your Listeners, Country Radio.. Never Stopped Loving Real Country Music. So, I, Greg Hudik am Giving Country Radio an Alternative Choice of Good 80’s Country Rock, Instead of Bad 80’s Bro Country. So if we’re going to play Bro Rock, remember when Country and all generes use to spin Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, Marshal Tucker and Hank JR. and my neighbors on Peninsula Dr. In Daytona The Allman Brothers on Country and all generes of Radio , and It Worked, Listeners Loved It. So, If New Country Is Bad 80’s Bro Rock, I Graduated high school in Daytona and back in Northern Florida we created a sound called Southern Rock Country and I’m So Proud to give, All Radio this Choice once again. I Luv You All, and Look Forward to Leading the Way, and Bring Back Country, to Country Radio… Let’s Get Back To Where We Love, What We Do Again.

Haven’t You Lost Enough of Your
Radio Listening Audience?


Greg Hudik CEO Platinum Records Nashville
Merry Christmas and Peace!
Thank You Jesus, for The Gift of Music!

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