Great Danes

Just as Sweden has been swimming in… well, streams, there’s been much downloading afoot in Denmark. In fact, music revenues overall have shown a spike this past year, at a not insignificant 9%.  Spotify, Apple Music, and YouSee Musik brought in 54.6% million in 2016, according to IFPI.  This accounts for 77% of music loot in the home of the Danes.  IFPI reckons that YouTube is the destination for 59% of Danes looking to stream. Regardless of age, really. (Everyone from 16 to 70 knows there way around YouTube!) Mind you, in Denmark in 2016, YouTube accounted for only 2% of the business itself.

The Danes are trendsetters fo’ sho’. Known to be one of the world’s most digitally advanced markets, Denmark boasts a total streaming market share of 79.4% total market accounting for over 56 million in revenue last year.  IFPI Denmark Chairman Henrik Daldorph has more than a few concerns on that front. Daldorph points to YouTube’s so-called “safe harbor” protections, asking that EU copyright step in and make reforms.  Daldorph asserts YouTube is using outdated EU legislation to avoid paying for the very same music as competitors like Spotify, Apple, and YouSee Music. The Chairman asks, in the face of such competition, “Where is the incentive for further development of services?”

Nonetheless, times remain good. It wasn’t so long ago that this jump was even more pronounced. 2014 saw income from streaming services increase by 50%, generating nearly $38 million. Looking back just two years before, 2012 saw the pie split thusly: 25% streaming, 28% download, 43% CD’s.  2016 saw streaming gulp up 79 percent of the market to 9% downloads, and 6 % CD’s. LP’s continue to increase, rounding things out with a giant 93% leap last year, accounting for 4.8% market share.  This past year marked the fourth in consecutive growth overall for the industry. Not too shabby!

Vinyl is enjoying a renaissance in Denmark as well, generating $5 million more in sales this year.

Kristoffer Rom, head of Danish Independent Labels told, “It’s about vinyl’s tactile and visual qualities giving people a much-needed music experience, which allows for more modality than what the digital services have been able to provide.”

It’s clear that there’s room for everyone at the Nordic musical table, tactile or digital.

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