Graham Alexander – Repeat Deceiver

Labels: Victor Talking Machine Co.
Number of Tracks: 1
Total Time: 2:58
From the Album: Repeat Deceiver
Formats: Triple A, AAA
Available Date & Time: January 27, 2015 12:00 PM ET
Impact Date: February 16, 2015
Country: USA

"An enjoyably full-bodied sound; feverishly soulful vocals, exulting brass, and a bouncy rhythm section comprise an abruptly infectious introduction to Graham Alexander’s sound." – Obscure Sound

"A powerful pop and roll tour de force that dazzles every step of the way." – Pure Pop Radio

"Alexander, a Philadelphia native, proves most charismatic, keeping his comments to a minimum and wowing with his sweet and uncomplicated vocals." – NBC New York

With a style that’s incredibly eclectic and signature, Graham Alexander’s life has been dedicated to performing, composing and producing music from an early age. Graham’s upbringing brought in an incredibly diverse palette of pop artists from Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and American folk music of the early 20th century, to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and 2Pac Shakur. Born in a severely depressed post-industrial Camden, N.J., Graham’s first guitar was picked from the garbage on account of not being able to afford one on his own. From that point, he and music of every kind became inseparable.

Having grown up with the birth and progression of the internet (and the vast media availability it granted the world), Graham never saw music as something that needed to be genre-based. As a songwriter, he preferred the freedom of writing what struck his mind as interesting at the moment rather than adhering to a trend. This fearless and rebellious attitude towards genre bending pushed him to produce and self release his first album in 2011 to rave reviews (quickly becoming a cult classic). Critics and fans alike lauded the album for its neo-retro sensibility coupling irresistibly catchy songs with organic and incredibly detailed production.  Shortly after, Graham Alexander with his band toured in support of the album, building the brand one set of ears at a time.

Graham formed his band of nearly 15 years while he was still in middle school–a rare feat in this day and age. Their commitment to touring and their history at such a young age makes Graham Alexander & Co. an incredibly special phenomenon in the live music world today. Additionally, they pride themselves on performing without the assistance of sequences or backing tracks that are all too common in live acts today. In addition to his career as a solo artist, Graham’s passion for performance was nurtured by his work on Broadway as an actor, musician, and musical director in various productions at the Neil Simon, Brooks Atkinson, and St James theaters in New York City.  It was during his tenure there that he began work on his forthcoming sophomore album.

In 2008 Graham formed LAIR Media as a parent company for the ventures of his touring production, as well as the administration of his own publishing rights. Through LAIR, he eventually formed a recording division which established studios in NJ for commercial recording production.

After acquiring many former long sold brands from GE’s casted-off RCA portfolio, Graham reorganized Radio Corporation of America as their parent company returning it to Camden, NJ. In 2014, Graham merged his production and administration facilities while developing products for the company @ Victor Talking Machine Co., Victrola, His Master’s Voice, and Little Nipper brands. The recording division issued Graham’s sophomore release, ‘Repeat Deceiver,’ on December 19, 2014 on the revived Victor Talking Machine Co. label.

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