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Triple Yay!

It’s that time again when Triple A’s rejoice and congregate in Boulder, MA. Continue reading >

Music: The Gathering

We catch up with CO5 about last week’s defining alternative music and radio fest in Louisville. Continue reading >

Industry Spotlight: Michael Quvang – The Quay to Success

We spotlight promo powerhouse Michael Quvang (Music Quay), Play MPE’s main man in Denmark. Continue reading >

Giving Strength

With INGrooves, Play MPE is pleased to share The Alarm's "Strength" with proceeds going to survivor Mike Peters' charity Love Hope Strength. Continue reading >

How you like them apples?

Here’s the scoop on Play MPE partners The Orchard’s recent absorption of Sony RED distribution. Continue reading >

NON-COMMvention 2017

We talk fun in Philly with WXPN’s Dan Reed Continue reading >

Promo 101

A Brush Up on the Ins and Outs of Workin’ Records Continue reading >

Islands in the Stream: Deezer

We look at Deezer’s rumored plans to change the streaming revenue model Continue reading >

Streamin’ Sweden

The download on Scandinavia’s music market Continue reading >

Great Danes

A Look at Denmark’s booming digital numbers Continue reading >
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