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With a history 5 decades deep, Curb Records counts itself amongst the industry’s indies to be reckoned with.

Named for founder Mike Curb, Curb Records is one of the world’s leading independent music companies. Owned and operated under The Curb Group since 1962, Curb Records has achieved 433 number one records, over 1,500 hundred Top Ten records and charted over 4,500 total records.

Not the typical background story of a label founder, Mike Curb’s is that of a a lieutenant governor and governor, by way of California. In addition, in his own right, Curb brings to the table experience as a music industry professional prior to Curb Record’s launch. He has enjoyed considerable success as a producer and songwriter, credited with writing over 400 songs, receiving awards and nominations along the way.  In 1972, Billboard anointed Curb with the Overall Producer of the Year award.  Not content to stop with those successes and that of his label, Curb also launched the Mike Curb Family Foundation and serves as the Chairman of gospel music’s Word Entertainment, named by Billboard as Overall Top Imprint in gospel for 2006. Mr. Curb produced “My Guy” for Petula Clark, “So Young” for Roy Orbison, and “Candy Man” for Sammy Davis, Jr.  Mind you, this of course only scratches the surface. An unmatched swath in the fabric of the industry, Curb recently told Billboard, “I’m never leaving Music Row. Are you kidding me? In my will, I’ve got a trust set up where they can’t move us off Music Row.”

As a philanthropist, Curb’s reach is equally striking. Educational programs bearing Curb’s name grace over a dozen schools across the states, while medical, homeless, and other family programs join Curb’s work with the Scouts of America.

All this rightfully led Curb to be anointed with stars on both Nashville’s Music City Walk of Fame and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. But wait, there’s more for this label namesake’s renaissance man: For over 40 years, Curb has driven alongside the best of them in the realms of Indy Car, NASCAR, World of Outlaws and USAC. His wheels have even been lent out to none other than Dale Earnhardt. Capping off an already banner year in 2006 saw Mike inducted into the West Stock Car Hall of Fame.

With such a talent at the helm, it’s no surprise Curb Records has the likes of Ryan Dokke, as its Promotions lead. Three years ago, Ryan came aboard as Vice President of Promotion. CEO Jim Ed Norman had this to say about Ryan: “Ryan is a natural born leader. His tenacity and drive combined with his love of music make him perfectly suited to meet the demands of this rapidly changing industry. The Curb Group’s enterprises are numerous and extend to many areas, from music to motorsports to education and beyond. We’ve been searching for a candidate with the vision to actuate the many varied opportunities available here and we found that in Ryan.”  VP Taylor Childress added “Ryan is known for his passion and his dogged determination, both of which will serve him well in his new role here. His meteoric rise during his 10 plus years working in radio made him one of the youngest Program Directors in the format– demonstrating his ‘Can Do’ attitude. He has the intelligence and vision needed to lead Curb Records’ promotion efforts. He’s also a great human being and is lauded industry-wide for his solid character.”

It’s always nice to be able to take a moment to salute the good guys while simultaneously admiring their remarkable companies. After all Curb’s celebrated roster has included Sammy Davis, Roy Orbison, The Righteous Brothers, Hank Williams, Lyle Lovett, Lee Greenwood, Carl Perkins, Wynonna, and LeeAnn Rimes… just to name a few.

Mr. Curb and… Curb Records, we salute you.

To hear and download the latest in Curb Releases, including Selah – I Got Saved, Mo Pitney – Everywhere and Rachel Holder – You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk, check out your trusty Play MPE Player.

Curb photo: Copyright © 2017 Curb Records, Inc.

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