Adult Contemporary Top 10 – Stream (April 9th, 2018)

 1.  Various Artists – Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin 
(AC, Hot AC, Alternative, Rock, Classic Rock, AAA, Top 40, Non-Commercial) Island Records  
(AC, Country, College, Adult Hits) TRIPLE CREEK RECORDS, INC  
 3.  Andrew Reed – If All the World Were Right 
(AC, Hot AC, Active Rock, Triple A, College, Pop, Americana, Mainstream Rock, CHR Pop, AAA, Top 40, Non-Commercial, NPR) Artists International  
4.  Alex Sparrow – FOOLS IN LOVE 
(AC, Active Rock, Triple A, College, Pop, Mainstream Rock, CHR Pop, AAA, Adult Hits, Top 40) No Risk No Fun Productions  
 5.  COLE PHOENIX – Back Back To Me 
(AC, Hot AC, Pop) Bergstein & Co Entertainment  
6.  Nalani & Sarina – Young & Inexperienced 
(Hot AC, Alternative, Triple A, AAA) Telepathy Records/ AWAL  
 7.  Georgina – Go On 
(Hot AC, Dance) Arrow Music Agency  
8.  MADISON DANIEL – Love Is Love 
(AC, Pop) Bergstein & Co Entertainment  
 9.  Jonathan Nelson – I Agree 
(Urban AC, Gospel) Entertainment One Nashville  
10.  Bon Jovi – When We Were Us 
(AC, Hot AC, Rock) Island Records  

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